• Air Tennis Elbow Strap


    The Aircast Pneumatic Armband is one of our most popular braces for people suffering from tennis or golfers elbow... it is popular because it works! Designed for comfort and versatility, the Armband is designed to conform to the arm's tapered contour and comfortably cushions the sensitive injured muscle. This armband is designed to provide relief from tennis or golfer elbow pain.



    Simple. Stable. Smarter.

    The Aircast® AirSport‌+™ is a clinically proven* stirrup design that aids in ankle stabilization for moderate to severe ankle sprains and chronic instabilities. The anatomically correct design and durable, breathable materials offer a stable, comfortable fit. Along with the Aircast technology, simple step-in design and intuitive, micro-adjustable Boa® Fit System, the AirSport+ provides a functional management option to help address ankle injuries and rehabilitation.

  • AloeTouch Sensitive Baby Wipes (80 Count Soft Pack)


    Medline super soft baby wipes are pre-moistened with an aloe based, rinse free formula that cleans, moisturizes and soothes sensitive skin.

    Enriched with vitamin E and chamomile, pH balanced, hypoallergenic and fragrance free.

    Single use wipes reduce the risk of cross contamination Ideal for quick clean ups.

    Resealable soft pack helps keep wipes moist; 80 wipes per pack

  • Armor Ligament Brace

    Armor FourcePoint provides healthcare professionals the strongest prefabricated solution to protect athletes who dare to challenge their own boundaries.

    This item requires custom fitting and a prescription. Please give us a call for, insurance verification pricing, and fitting.

  • Arthritis / Carpal Tunnel Gloves with Textured Grips and Open Fingertips


    Compression Glove design relieves inflammation and stress on pressure points while easing pain located in hand and wrist muscles, tendons, and joints


  • Bend Aids™ Deluxe Hip Kit


    Ideal for anyone recovering from hip, knee or back surgery
    Includes the most popular assistive devices for independent dressing and reaching:
    “Special Products for People with Special Needs”


    Boost Focus + Enhance Breathing

    A custom blend of therapeutic-grade essential oils and stimulating scents that supports a lifted mood, increased focus and enhanced breathing*.

    100% ALL-NATURAL

    All of our ingredients are derived from true natural sources and clearly listed on our labels.


    With BoomBoom on-hand, you’re always just seconds away from a clear head and feeling prepped to crush whatever it is that’s in front of you.


    Rejuvenate your mind, refresh your senses, and increase your focus… all without harmful chemicals or sugary energy drinks.


    With clean, plant-based ingredients we're using the power of aromatherapy to enhance your psychological and physical well-being.



    Boost Oxygen is an all natural respiratory support product, the #1 trusted brand worldwide, and the only choice for oxygen and the only choice with aromatherapy benefit choices.
    This can be used for a variety of applications including: health and wellness, sports performance and recovery, altitude acclimation, mental refreshment and supported breathing in poor air quality conditions such as: heat, humidity, ozone, pollen and smoke.

  • Brobe Recovery Bundle “Heal Comfortably “


    We exist to help you regain independence, peace of mind, and dignity for a more comfortable recovery. Our post-surgical garments include mastectomy recovery robes, Jackson Pratt drain belts, comfort accessories, and cold therapy products. Whether you’re recovering from breast surgery or other invasive procedures, our post-surgical adaptive clothing can help you recuperate in comfort and peace. 

  • Carbon Fiber AFO


    Carbon AFO Light provides support only where it is needed, eliminating unnecessary bulk and providing a cosmetically-appealing look. Using the best of Flex-Foot® technology and the energy storing properties of carbon fiber, AFO Light offers a strong and lightweight solution for people with mild to moderate drop foot.

  • Clima-Flex OA Brace

    Donjoy Clima-flex OA Knee Brace offers a new level of comfortable, cooling relief through compression and offloading for patients with mild to moderate OA knee pain. It delivers breathable, moisture wicking comfort that is soft to the touch, antimicrobial and incorporates temperature control. Keyless offloading enables on the fly hinge adjustment to empower patients with convenient, comforting relief from OA knee pain. E-Z Grip handles and intuitive wraparound design ensure form-fitting comfort. The brace is easily adjustable for more or less compression based on patient needs and comfort. Clima-Flex OA is sleek and ideal for light activities such as walking, golf, or hiking.

    This item requires custom fitting and a prescription. Please give us a call or send us a message for fitting, insurance verification, and pricing.

  • Clinic Shoulder Immobilizer


    High quality, durable poly cotton sling with contact closure adjustment on shoulder and body straps. Fits right or left arm and helps prevent shoulder rotation. Shoulder pad provides additional comfort. Ideal for immobilization and support of the shoulder and elbow joints.